If you're getting errors in your copy trading results or just seeing a low success rate, this guide is for you

Check deals and compare portfolios

Technical errors are very occasional, and while they can happen and hinder copy trading activities on our platform, it's a rare case. If you're seeing copy trading errors, most probably you don't have enough funds to make the deal. For example, the strategy sells USDT and buys BTC, and you have very little (or 0) USDT on your exchange balance.

First, it's helpful to know the particular deal that failed to copy. Go to Copy Trading -> My Subscriptions and open the strategy card to see the trades with an error (Trade History section). Pay attention to the coin being sold in that deal – check whether you have it at all in your portfolio and how much.

Next, you need to compare your portfolio to the strategy’s portfolio. On the Subscription page, click the Align Portfolio or View Portfolio button. You’ll see the most recent comparison of portfolios. If you see noticeable differences in coin distribution (more than 1-5%), we recommend you align your portfolio respectively. You can select alignment (automatically done by the system or by the trader), or align manually on your exchange account.

Compare trading balances

Another tip is to check how much money the strategy you follow operates with (strategy balance). Copy trading errors often happen because the strategy balance is sufficiently larger than your exchange account balance.

A strategy uses only a fraction of its balance in a single deal (e.g. 1-2%). When a minimum amount for placing orders on an exchange is not reached by an subscriber (subscriber), the subscriber is unable to copy the corresponding deal made by trader.


When the trader makes an order for 5% of his balance — our system will take 5% of the subscriber's balance to place the same order. If that 5% is less than the minimum amount, the exchange will not accept the subscriber's deal. Therefore, a large difference between strategy balance and subscriber’s exchange balance will lead to failed trades.

Check open orders

Sometimes open orders on the exchange account might be a reason for the failed orders on Coinmatics. Coins that participate in your open orders will not be bought/sold during the alignment. Also, if the trader opens the order with the same coins, these coins won’t be triggered and the order will fail. That’s why it’s crucial to check the open orders. Close them up and keep monitoring the success rate.

Check the API key expiry date on Binance

The Binance API key is valid for 90 days. After that period, you will need to re-enable all the necessary permissions for the key to make it active.
For more details on how to change the API key settings and re-enable the necessary permissions, please read the following articles:

  • Changing API key settings on Binance

  • Required permissions for the API key on Binance

Check the Binance settings for Futures strategies

To be able to copy Futures strategy, you should have the correct settings on your exchange account: margin mode, position mode, and asset mode.

  1. Margin mode

Coinmatics currently only supports Isolated Margin on Binance.

The same as a trader you must enable the Isolated Margin Mode. You can find out how to check and change the margin mode in this article: How to Switch between Cross Margin Mode and Isolated Margin Mode | Binance

2. Position mode

Also, please check the set type of position mode. You should select “One-way mode”. The service copies orders made only in one-way mode.

If the trader's order is made in one-way mode and you have enabled hedge mode, the trades will not be copied.

You can read about types of position mode in this article: Types of Position Mode | Binance

3. Asset mode

In addition to the position mode, you should pay attention to the asset mode. It is necessary to select the single asset mode, as only this mode supports the Isolated Margin. Once you check it, you are ready to copy all the Futures orders.

In case if you check all the points and you still have failed orders please contact us at [email protected] and we will check your signals history.

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