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Google Authenticator does not work. How do I disable it?
Google Authenticator does not work. How do I disable it?
Updated over a week ago

Google Authenticator is an additional security tool that allows you to protect your Coinmatics account even if you lose access to your email.

We have a certain security procedure for the cases when you need to disable TFA. This procedure is standard and implemented on online exchanges:

  1. Write an email to our support ([email protected]) from your email linked to Coinmatics.

  2. Receive their answer. The team will ask you to wait for 7 days and send one more email after that.

  3. Wait for 7 days and send the next email.

  4. Wait for a reply on disabling two-factor authentication via your email.

The waiting period of 7 days is needed to ensure that you haven't lost access to your email and that it is you who is contacting us. In cases when users lose access to their email, they notice it pretty quickly and have an opportunity to inform us about it. That way we can communicate and find a solution together while the scammer does not manage to take ownership of Coinmatics account.

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