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How do traders withdraw from Coinmatics?
How do traders withdraw from Coinmatics?
Updated over a week ago

We would like to inform you that there is no withdrawal option for subscribers. Subscribers can only use the amount on the Coinmatics balance for internal payments such as strategy subscriptions and Coinmatics plans.

The guide provided below is for traders only and users with the Level 2 of Referral Program.


  1. Click on the “Coinmatics balance” in the upper right corner of the page and then Withdraw Funds.

  2. Specify the amount, wallet, and coin (BTC or USDT), and press “Withdraw".

  3. You’ll receive an email with the confirmation link. Follow the link to finish the withdrawal. Note, that the link is valid for a short period of time. If the link has expired, repeat the procedure.

Pay attention:

  • Your payouts are transferred directly to your Coinmatics balance in USD after Coinmatics commission is deducted. The amount can be withdrawn in USDT or BTC.

  • A payout is transferred to the trader’s balance 30 days after an subscriber has paid a subscription. This applies to both copy trading and Telegram signals subscriptions.

  • Your upcoming payouts are displayed on My Strategies page.

  • The Coinmatics account should be verified to withdraw the funds.

  • The withdraw button will appear as soon as the first strategy is approved.

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