Payments for Coinmatics services (for traders)
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Coinmatics has a subscription-based pricing model.

Strategy application fee

There is a 50$ fee for submitting a strategy on Coinmatics. The fee will be automatically charged from your Coinmatics balance once you've filled in the strategy submission form and clicked the "Create Strategy" button.

Please note that the fee is not refundable. If your strategy fails at any moderation step, or gets disabled further due to platform rules violation, the fee will not be returned. We strongly advise to read and abide by the rules for traders on Coinmatics.

Strategy application fee is charged for creating a strategy of any type. It's paid once per strategy.

Payments for public strategies

Trader sets a fixed price for a strategy subscription while submitting their strategy. This fee is paid by an subscriber when they subscribe / renew the subscription to the strategy. Coinmatics takes a commission from the subscriber's payment the moment they pay. The payout after deduction is awarded to the trader.

The commission charged by Coinmatics varies depending on the number of active subscriptions to your strategies. Coinmatics commission is charged the following way:

  1. An subscriber makes the first payment for / renewal of a subscription to your strategy.

  2. Our system checks the current number of your active paid (!) subscriptions to all your strategies, including copy trading and Telegram signals subscriptions.

  3. Depending on the number of subscriptions, Coinmatics charges the corresponding commission from the subscriber’s payment:

After the commission deduction, the payout will be replenished on your Coinmatics balance. The payout will be transferred in USD 30 days after an subscriber has paid for a subscription.

You receive only the set fees (profit sharing feature will be released in the future).

Payments for trusted strategies

In trusted strategy mode, a trader creates a strategy, connects API keys through their account to the strategy and oversees copy trading.

Trusted type is suitable for traders who want to manage copy trading for their audience. Traders need to have access to the subscribers’ API keys or to their funds.

For a trusted strategy, trader pays for the API keys to be connected. There are discounts for 50+ API keys.

If you'd like to set up a trusted strategy, contact us at [email protected] to clarify the cost and terms.

Note, for hidden strategies, one of the payment options listed above is possible. It depends on whether subscribers will manage the copy trading themselves or trust the entire process to a trader.

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