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How to start as a trader
How to start a trader account on Coinmatics
How to start a trader account on Coinmatics

This article covers how to start acting as a trader on Coinmatics (share your trades and create a trading strategy)

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Register via email, your Google or Twitter account. Find a confirmation message with an activation link. Follow the link to complete your registration.

Once you've created an account, you can set up two-factor authentication (optional).

Step #1: Link your exchange account

Copying the trader's exchange orders by strategy subscribers is done via API connection. To enable copying your exchange orders, you need to link your exchange account to Coinmatics via its API key. Check our detailed step-by-step guides on how to do it, depending on your exchange: Binance, Bybit and OKX.

An example of linking a Bybit account to Coinmatics:

Once you've linked your API key, you can create your own strategy.

Step #2: Place your strategy

Once you've linked your exchange account to Coinmatics, you can create your own strategy.

As a trader, please avoid any cash flow that is not related to the trading strategy or make transfers to subaccounts or a wallet not connected to the published strategy.

Please note that there is a 50$ application fee for submitting a strategy on Coinmatics.

Go to My Strategies page and click the "Add Strategy" button. Fill in the fields in the form, then hit the "Create Strategy" button:

Strategy name

Give your strategy a distinctive name that would make it stand out in the listing.

Select exchange

Select the exchange from which the orders will be copied. Now there are 3 options available — Binance, Bybit and OKX.


Describe your trading strategy, for example: “Only top coins. I calculate profit in BTC. I do risk management.” This should give subscribers enough information to briefly understand how your strategy works. A good description increases conversion.

Base coin

Choose between USDT and BTC; remember that you cannot change it later. The base currency is the coin in which the profit is calculated. You can have numerous coins on your account, but the system will calculate your total in base currency.

Trading type

Choose the trading type for your strategy.

Learn about the supported trading types from this article.

Price for Telegram signals subscription (per 30 days)

Set the price that your subscribers will pay for receiving your strategy's signals on Telegram.

You won't have to send any signals manually; our system will do it automatically.

Price for copy trading subscription (per 30 days)

Set the price that your subscribers will pay for copying your trading strategy.

Choose account

Choose the API key related to your exchange account dedicated to this strategy activities.

Here's a video instruction:

Done! After you've submitted the strategy, you can start trading right away.

Your strategy will undergo a moderation flow before it becomes available for all Coinmatics user for subscription.

The withdraw button will appear as soon as the first strategy is approved.

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