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Trusted strategy type (guide)
Trusted strategy type (guide)
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Creating strategy

Step #1: Registration

Register via email, your Google or Twitter account. Find a confirmation message with an activation link. Follow the link to complete your registration.

Once you've created an account, you can set up two-factor authentication (optional).

Step #2: Link your exchange account

Copying the trader's exchange orders by strategy subscribers is done via API connection. To enable copying your exchange orders, you need to link your exchange account to Coinmatics via its API key. Check our detailed step-by-step guides on how to do it, depending on your exchange: Binance, Bybit and OKX.

An example of linking a Bybit account to Coinmatics:

Once you've linked your API key, you can create your own strategy.

Step #3: Place your strategy

Once you've linked your exchange account to Coinmatics, you can create your own strategy.

As a trader, please avoid any cash flow that is not related to the trading strategy or make transfers to subaccounts or a wallet not connected to the published strategy.

Please note that there is a 50$ application fee for submitting a strategy on Coinmatics.

Go to My Strategies page and click the "Add Strategy" button. Fill in the fields in the form, then hit the "Create Strategy" button. Do not set price for Copy Trading or Telegram signals.

Coinmatics team will approve your strategy, hide it from the list. With the strategy approval, your account will be redirected to the Premium Ref plan. From that moment you have the full set of Coinmatics features and analytics.

Connecting the clients'/followers' API keys

Step # 4 - Add client's API keys

You repeat the step #2. There is a few differences for client's API keys.


It's obligatory to enable the permissions for Spot and Futures trading and inserts IP addresses of Coinmatics:

    • for copying Spot strategies, select "Enable Reading" and "Enable Spot & Margin Trading" options;

    • for copying Futures strategies, select "Enable Reading", "Enable Spot & Margin Trading" and "Enable Futures" options;

    • For COIN-M Futures also select "Permits Universal Transfer".


The permissions will be the same, but you would need to choose "API Transaction" and insert IP addresses of Coinmatics:

Before you try to connect these API keys, please contact Support team ([email protected]).


If you are interested in the OKX exchange, please also notify Support team.

Step #5: Subscribe to the strategy

Open the Strategy Overview page and click the "Subscribe" (Copy trading) button. Then you:

1) choose the API key you need,

2) miss the coin black list,

3) if your strategy is Spot, you can enable the Alignment feature (read more).

That's all!

Repeat as many times as you need in order to connect all the followers.

Now you can trade and the same trades will be placed on the followers' accounts.

NB! Here are some useful articles about the Premium features you have on Coinmatics:

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