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How does copy trading work on Coinmatics?
How does copy trading work on Coinmatics?
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Coinmatics is a bridge between traders and subscribers who would like to copy their signals and earn from it.

Trading itself occurs on one of the supported exchanges (OKX, Binance, Bybit). So the funds for trading and copy trading should be on the exchange account.

By adding an API key (with the required permissions/restrictions) to Coinmatics and publishing a strategy, traders allow the platform to share their signals with the users. It can be shared and copied by all Coinmatics users or a group of people (read here).

All the information about the trades (on the Spot or Futures market) is transferred to Coinmatics and then to a subscriber’s account via their API key.

All the trades are copied as market and only after its execution on the trader’s account. To copy the trades, the subscriber needs to subscribe to a strategy and pay the set up price (which depends both on the wallet balance and the trader’s set up cost).

Non-trading operations (deposits/withdrawals) are not copied. Coinmatics team also asks that you do not enable the withdrawal permission on the API key that you are going to use on Coinmatics.

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