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Payments for Coinmatics services (for subscribers)
Payments for Coinmatics services (for subscribers)
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Coinmatics has a subscription-based pricing model.

The payments for Coinmatics services depends on your plan and chosen strategy and are automatically deducted from your Coinmatics balance. Learn more about how to deposit to Coinmatics.

Note that you can have a free of charge Coinmatics plan and subscribe to free strategies – therefore, you will not pay anything for our service.

Charges for Coinmatics plan

Coinmatics has 4 plans: Free, Lite, Premium and Premium Ref plans. Free and Premium Ref plans are totally free of charge.

More features are accessible via Coinmatics paid plans. Learn more about the pricing and features from this article.

Charges for strategy subscriptions

Telegram Signals

Subscribers pay the subscription cost set by the trader during the strategy creation. The costs are displayed on the "Strategies List" page and on the strategy page.

Also note, that there are free strategies – you won't pay for receiving their signals on Telegram or copying their orders.

Futures strategies are available only on Lite, Premium and Premium Ref plans. On the same plans you might enable the free strategy trial for both Telegram signals and Copy Trading. Read more here.

Copy Trading

The cost of copy trading depends directly on the wallet balance of the exchange wallet used to subscribe to a strategy.

In the other words, the subscription cost is calculated by multiplying the cost (set by the trader) by a coefficient that depends on the balance of the exchange account used for the subscription (from 0.3 to 2).

There are different coefficients based on the certain range of exchange balance on the wallet you connected to a strategy (Spot, Futures, Trading, etc.):

  • if the balance is equal to somewhere between 150 - 500 USDT, the coefficient is 0.3x;

  • if the balance is between 500 - 1 000 USDT, the coefficient is 0.5x;

  • the balance is between 1 000 - 5 000 USDT, the coefficient is 1x. With the coefficient 1, the subscriber pays only the cost set by the trader;

  • the balance is between 5 000 - 10 000 USDT, the coefficient is 1.5x;

  • the coefficient 2x is used for the subscribers with balance over 10 000 USDT on the connected wallet (Spot, Futures, Trading, etc.).

The lower your balance, the lower the subscription cost and vice versa.

For example, your balance is between 1 000 - 5 000 USDT (in equivalent). In this case, you will pay the cost set up by the trader. Let's say that the cost is $20.

If your balance decreases to 650 USDT (in equivalent), then your cost will be reduced to $10 per month.

On the contrary, if your balance increases to 6 000 USDT (in equivalent), the subscription cost for copy trading will be $30.

When do the subscription costs changes take place?

All the cost changes are applied 24 hours after the wallet balance is changed and reaches another range with coefficient. If your balance is changed on December 16th, the extra charge or a new cost will be applied after December 17th.

What happens if the balance is increased during the active subscription period?

All the cost changes are applied 24 hours after the system notices the balance change and if it reaches the balance range of another coefficient.

Depending on a balance range of which coefficient you will reach, there will be an extra charge and a new price will be applied at the end of the subscription period.

If your balance increases, you will receive the extra charge. It depends on the number of days remaining until the end of the paid subscription period. It starts from the day 24 hours after the system notices the change of the wallet balance and that it reaches the range of another coefficient.

The next day after the balance is increased is December 16th. The end of the paid period is December 31st. Previous payment was $20 and your balance increases up to 6 000 USDT (in equivalent). Then you will get an extra charge of 10 USDT and the new copy trading cost will be 30 USDT on January 1st.

What happens if the balance increases twice during the active subscription period?

The extra charges will be counted for 2 periods:

  • The first one - 24 hours after the balance change until the day the system detects the second change;

  • the second - 24 hours after the second change is detected until the end of the subscription period.

The extra charge amount is the sum of two periods.

What if the balance decreases during the active subscription period?

In this case, the new cost will be applied from the next subscription period. There won't be extra charges.

When I pay the extra invoice?

You pay for it at the end of your paid subscription period.

Where can I see all the extra payments and the charged amount?

There are two pages where you can see how much you've paid and for which time period:

On the copy trading subscription page there will be a section called "Payments". Each extra invoice has a details button with the extra information that includes:

  • the extra amount,

  • the start and end date of the calculated period,

  • duration of the period (for how long your balance was on the next balance range of the higher coefficient),

  • the coefficient or multiplier - by which the cost set by trader was multiplied.

Will my subscription be suspended if I do not pay the extra charge? (unpaid invoice)

Your subscription will be suspended and you won't be able to reactivate it until you pay all the extra charges.

What if a strategy is free?

Then you do not pay for copying the strategy trades. It's free for you.

Please note that:

  • Only the balance of the connected wallet is taken into account. If you have subscribed to a Spot strategy type, the funds on the spot wallet will be taken into account. If the strategy type is Futures, only the funds in the futures wallet will be counted.

  • Price changes (for subscribers) apply only to copy trading subscriptions.

  • These changes do not apply to the trusted strategy type.

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