Coinmatics team constantly monitors traders’ compliance with the platform's rules.

In case of rules violation, the strategy will be hidden from the strategy list (still available via direct link) or deactivated.

1. Critical violation of rules

If you violate the rules listed below, the strategy will be deactivated.

1.1 The originality of the trading strategy

The published trading strategy must be unique.

If we detect plagiarism and the traders won’t be able to prove originality, the strategy will be deactivated. All subscription payments will be refunded to all subscribers (on Coinmatics balance).

2. Mandatory rules

In case of violation of the following rules, the strategy will be hidden from the strategy list. It will be still available via direct link.

2.1 Your exchange account balance should be above 200 USDT

If your strategy's balance drops below the 200 USDT, we will remove it from the strategy list.

In order to get back on the list, you’ll need to have at least 500 USDT in the equivalent on your exchange balance, depending on the strategy type.

2.2 Continuous trading

If you plan to stop trading for a certain time period, please notify our support team (via an online chat or email [email protected]).

A long interruption in trading causes subscribers’ dissatisfaction. If there is no trade for more than 1 month, the strategy will be hidden. As soon as you resume trading, the strategy can be returned to the strategy list.

2.3 Strategy profit

Coinmatics users often choose strategies based on their profit. The strategy will be hidden if its profits fall to the following values:
- monthly profits below -50%
- annual profit below -30%
- the whole time of trading on Coinmatics below -25%

2.4 Trading must be in a supported mode

At the moment, you can trade in the isolated margin mode. Hedge mode trading is allowed on Bybit only.

Please note the following:

- Cross margin mode on Binance and Bybit is not supported on Coinmatics;

- Hedge mode on Binance is not supported on Coinmatics.

The orders made in non-supported modes won’t be copied by the strategy subscribers. If the orders have been made in a non-supported mode, the strategy will be first hidden. If trading mode isn't changed thereafter, the strategy will be deactivated.

2.5 Rating value should be positive

If strategy rating drops to 0 points, the strategy will be hidden.

2.6 Number of trades per day

In order for subscribers to have a high percentage of the copied trades, the strategy with a large number of trades per day will be temporarily hidden. In this case we hide it to increase the minimum exchange balance to subscribe. It applies if:

- a strategy balance exceeds 20,000 USDT (in equivalent) and has over 100 trades per day;

- a strategy has over 300 orders per day regardless of its balance.

2.7 Other reasons

We also reserve the right to hide strategies for other reasons. In this case, our team will notify a trader beforehand and indicate the reason.

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