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Why has my copy trading subscription been stopped?
Why has my copy trading subscription been stopped?
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There are several reasons that can result in your copy trading subscription stoppage:

1. Issues with API key settings

The API key settings have been changed, or the API key was deleted, or expired (on Binance).

Learn how to set up correct API key settings to enable copy trading:

2. Changes on the exchange

An exchange could have introduced changes that affected the work of your API key / exchange account. For example, an exchange added additional step of verification that is required to pass before you can use an API key.

3. Trader's request

Trader can request to stop their strategy for a while.

4. Limits of Coinmatics plan

Copy trading subscription can be suspended due to 2 reasons related to your Coinmatics plan:

  • exceeding the allowed total exchange balance (if your total exchange balance will be higher than allowed amount on this plan);

  • downgrading the plan. Some strategy types are available only on Lite, Premium and Premium Ref plans.

5. Failed payment for next month

You don't have enough money on your Coinmatics balance to renew a subscription. You need to deposit your Coinmatics balance and resubscribe to the strategy by paying for the next month.

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