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How to create an API key on Bybit
How to create an API key on Bybit
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1. Create a new API key

Please note that to create an API key, Bybit requires enabling Google Authenticator protection first.

Log in to your Bybit account or create a new one. Then, click on the user icon and go to the API page. Click on the "Create New Key“ button.

2. Set up the settings

Do the following:

1. Select "Connect to Third-Party Applications"

2. In the Application Name dropdown, select "Coinmatics copy trading"

3. In the API key permissions section:

- In a Standard Account field choose "Orders”, “Positions","Trade" in Spot,

- In Assets - "Account Transfer" and "Subaccount Transfer" permissions.

Review all settings once again and click “Submit”. Done!


- Please note that according to the Bybit rules, you'll have to create a new API key if you change your login or password. In this case, the key will expire in 7 days.

- Bybit doesn’t allow editing the created API key. If you set up the API incorrectly, you will have to create a new one.

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