1. Create a subaccount on OKX (OKEx)

1.1 Hover over your profile icon and open the “Sub account” page:

1.2 Click the “Create sub-account” button:

1.3 Enter the details and choose "Standard sub-account" in the list. The assets deposits are enabled if needed. Click the "Submit" button:

1.4. Enter the code from your authentication app

Done! You’ve successfully created a subaccount on the OKX (OKEx) exchange:

2. Create an API key for an OKX (OKEx) subaccount

2.1 Go to the “API” tab. Select a subaccount for which you want to create a key. Click on the “Create V5 API key'' button:

2.2 Fill in the details on the Create API Key V5 page. Please note: the “IP address” field must be empty. Enable "Trade" permission. After filling out the form, click on “Confirm”:

2.3 If data has been entered correctly, a window with the API key details pops up. Please note: you need to safely save the secret key at this step as it is shown only once and will be hidden afterwards. Then click “Confirm”:

Done! You have successfully created an API key for your OKX (OKEx) subaccount:

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