How to change strategy subscription cost
Updated over a week ago

Traders can reduce or increase the subscription costs for copy trading and Telegram signals after the strategy publication. In order to change the cost, please contact Coinmatics support team (via online chat or email [email protected]).

After the subscription costs have been changed, the following rules apply:

  • All new subscribers will subscribe to the strategy at a new subscription fee.

  • If the subscription cost has been reduced, the current strategy subscribers will pay according to the new cost. If the cost drops to 0, they will renew the subscription for free. If the subscription cost has been increased, the current strategy subscribers will continue copying at the old cost.

  • If the subscription has been stopped or cannot be renewed, an subscriber will be able to re-subscribe at the new strategy cost only.

Please note that Coinmatics does not make subscription refunds and does not return the difference.

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