How to choose a strategy?
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When choosing a strategy, pay attention to the following details:

  • How long the strategy has been active on Coinmatics

  • How big its total profit is

  • How risky it is

  • Its rating

  • When the latest signals were generated

Several strategies become inactive from time to time. It happens because the trader does not see good entry points and prefers to pause the deals and wait for more favorable market conditions. It's no use subscribing to an inactive strategy so make sure to check trade history to make this moment clear.

Check the signals history, chart, total profit, asset allocation, and strategy balance:

– Signals history will show if the strategy has recent activity. Some Spot strategies can go inactive from time to time due to market conditions.

– Profit chart will show the profit trend. Total profit will show what result the strategy has achieved at this moment.

– Strategy balance is crucial because your total balance should be the same or higher to achieve 100% copy trading success rate.

– Asset allocation will tell you how many coins this strategy is dealing with. Note that a big number of coins might cause alignment issues (you won't be able to align properly). Also, small coins that take less than 1% cannot be aligned with. Keep this in mind when looking at the asset allocation.

Aggressive strategies show higher peaks and stronger drops because they aim for a higher return. Stable strategies have a smooth chart. The closer your balance to the strategy, the better your copy trading results will be.

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