At the first step of strategy moderation (when it has "In Review" status), we pay attention mostly to the strategy name and description. Inappropriate naming or insufficient description are the reasons of strategy rejection at this stage.

How to write a proper description

The name and description should be distinctive and should briefly explain to the subscriber what this strategy offers. It is good to include:

  • your experience in crypto trading

  • is your strategy short, mid, or long-term

  • is it a bot algorithm or a human-operated strategy

  • what metrics/methods do you use

  • what indicators do you pay attention to

  • recommended balance

  • other information about your strategy relevant/ helpful to subscribers

Avoid the following:

  • do not duplicate other strategy's name

  • do not include insufficient information (bad names examples: “good strategy”, “earn money with me”, “I am pro trader”, “1111”, etc)

  • do not include vulgar / offensive words

  • do not guarantee a profit or the absence of potential loss

  • adding links is not allowed

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