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Why was my strategy declined during moderation?
Why was my strategy declined during moderation?
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Each strategy goes through several stages of moderation and investigation by Coinmatics team during its activity on the platform.

Read more about the stages of moderation in the article "Moderation Flow".

The created strategy can be rejected at during the preliminary moderation. This article contains the most common reasons for strategy rejection.

All rules and recommendations for traders and their strategies are described in these articles:

Reason 1 - Exchange account

If after submitting your strategy, the API key of the connected exchange account is deleted, the strategy will be rejected.

In this case, users will not be able to copy your trades, even if the strategy is published on the strategy list. It is technically impossible to replace the API key for an unpublished strategy.

Reason 2 - Low balance

Balance in the connected wallet should be higher than the minimum value for creating a strategy - 200 USDT.

Reason 3 - Strategy name or description

When reviewing a strategy, moderators will also check its name and description. An inappropriate name or inadequate description may be a reason for rejecting a strategy.

How to write the description

It is good to include:

  • your experience in crypto trading

  • is your strategy short, mid, or long-term

  • is it a bot algorithm or a human-operated strategy

  • what metrics/methods do you use

  • what indicators do you pay attention to

  • recommended balance

  • other information about your strategy relevant/ helpful to subscribers

Avoid the following:

  • do not duplicate other strategy's name

  • do not include insufficient information (bad names examples: “good strategy”, “earn money with me”, “I am pro trader”, “1111”, etc.)

  • do not include vulgar / offensive words

  • do not guarantee a profit or the absence of potential loss

  • adding links is not allowed

If a strategy is rejected, the strategy application fee will not be refunded.

After the strategy is published, moderators will check such indicators as trading, TWR model profit results, trading pairs/coins often used in trading, leverage, etc.

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