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How to become a subscriber
How do I protect my account from deposit drain?
How do I protect my account from deposit drain?
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Each strategy goes through several stages of moderation and is checked by Coinmatics technical team during the whole time of its activity on the platform. The strategy can be hidden both after moderation and after a period of 30 days in the Sandbox.

The basic rules and recommendations for traders are described in these articles:

The subscriber can also secure their funds. Here are a few recommendations:

  1. Set a Stop Loss value for the strategy type - Spot. If your balance goes below the specified stop loss value, the system will automatically stop your copy trading subscription and convert all assets on the exchange to the selected coin.

  2. If you do not want to trade with highly volatile or low-liquid coins, you can add them to the coin blacklist and prevent orders with these coins being copied. The strategy page lists the coins in the trader’s account and shows which of them are mostly traded with.

  3. Check the trading history and the margin mode in which the strategy is trading. Coinmatics supports both margin modes (cross margin / isolated) on Bybit and Binance.

  4. Check carefully the indicators and rates on the strategy page:

  • Start from its rating and profit rate up to assets under management.

  • On the page of strategies of futures types (Binance / Bybit), always check the "Liquidation" and "Margin Changes" section.

  • Its status: do not subscribe to strategies in Sandbox unless you are confident and familiar with the trader's trading.

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