What is Auto Alignment?
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Auto alignment is a Coinmatics feature that enables you to set up a periodical automatic alignment of your portfolio with the strategy portfolio. Therefore, the feature allows for more accurate copy trading.

Note that portfolio alignment is available only for Spot strategies, and all Futures strategies from Binance.

There are 2 auto alignment types:

- Alignment by trader

Performed automatically by the trader's request. Traders would apply the alignment option when their portfolio changes, e.g. as a result of cash flow operations, dust coins removal, etc.

Note for traders: To align your subscribers' portfolios, go to the My Strategies page and click on Rebalance button.

- Scheduled alignment

Enables you to set up periodical portfolio updates with the specified frequency.

You can enable both alignment types simultaneously. After trader alignment, the schedule will be automatically re-calculated, taking the latest trader alignment as a starting point.

Auto alignment is a premium feature. Learn more about Coinmatics Premium plans from this article.


- During the portfolio alignment for Futures strategies (USDⓈ-M and COIN-M) on Binance, coins from Spot wallet can be transferred to Futures wallet. To avoid this, disable auto-alignment and do not manually align your portfolio on Coinmatics.

- Alignment (manual and automatic) isn't supported on Bybit (Futures type of the strategy).

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