Strategy Moderation Flow
Updated over a week ago

Coinmatics has a three-step strategy moderation process to ensure a safe and high-quality service:

1. Strategy status – In Review

After you create a strategy, it will be in preliminary moderation for a certain period of time. During this period, it will be hidden from other users. You can start trading right after you've created a strategy.

2. Strategy status – Sandbox Strategy

After it passes preliminary moderation, there will be a Sandbox period. Note that the strategy start date is the date when it gets the Sandbox strategy status.

The strategy will be shown in the Strategy List only for those users, who enabled the option to see Sandbox strategies. You can also use a direct link to share your strategy with any user. Sandbox period lasts for 1 month.

3. Strategy status – Approved

After the Sandbox period ended, your strategy is totally approved and it will be visible to all users from the Strategy List page.

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