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How to promote your strategy on Coinmatics
How to promote your strategy on Coinmatics
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Draw attention to your strategy and increase the number of the subscribers by placing your strategy in the most eye-catching place - on the top of the Strategy List!

Terms of promotion

There are 3 promo slots for strategies. The slots are updated every month.

You can place your strategy in a promo slot if:

  • Your strategy is approved, i.e. out of Sandbox status (30 days after publication on the platform)

  • You agree to Coinmatics Terms and Conditions and Legal Policy. If you violate them, we reserve the right to remove your strategy from the list without refund.

Cost: $1000/month for a slot.

Period: always starts on the first day of the month until the last day of that month. However, if there is a free promo slot in the current month, an earlier date can be chosen.

How to request promotion

Contact us at [email protected] or via an online chat on the platform. Please specify the strategy name and the desired placement period in your request for promotion.

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