Promo codes on Coinmatics

This article covers everything related to using promo codes on Coinmatics

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A promo code is a special code generated by Coinmatics. You can apply it while subscribing to a strategy to receive a discounted price.

How promo codes work

  • A promo code is valid for both copy trading subscriptions and signal subscriptions.

  • A promo code can be applied to a new subscription only. It can not be applied to a current subscription.

  • A promo code reduces the subscription price for the first month only. All the subsequent subscription payments will be billed at the regular price.

  • A promo code has a validity period. After the expiration date, it cannot be applied.

How to apply a promo code

  1. Choose a strategy with a promo code

  2. Create a new subscription to this strategy: click on the Subscribe button on the Strategy page

  3. Enter the promo code while subscribing

  4. Done!

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