Promo codes on Coinmatics for Traders

Traders can create promo codes for their strategy subscriptions

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A promo code is a special code generated by Coinmatics. An subscriber can apply a promo code while subscribing to a strategy to receive a discounted price.

It is a great tool to promote your strategy. There are 3 simple steps: Create a promo code -> Notify the audience -> Get more subscriptions.

How to create a promo code

Email us at [email protected] with a promo code creation request. Include the following info in your letter:

  • your strategy name

  • promo code validity period: activation date and expiration date

  • the rate of discount accorded by promo code

Let others know about your promo code

Once we get your request, we’ll create a promo code and send it to you via email. The promo code is now ready to use.

Share the promo code with your audience through your common communication channels.

How promo codes work

  • A promo code reduces the subscription price only for the first period (30 days). The subscription price for the next and all subsequent periods will be standard.

  • A promo code can be applied only while creating a new subscription. A promo code can not be applied to a current subscription.

  • You can create multiple promo codes for your strategy.

  • The number of subscribers who can use your promo code is unlimited.

  • An subscriber can apply a promo code to each new subscription to the corresponding strategy.

  • You can set the promo code validity time: activation date and expiration date of the promo code.

Still have questions? Contact us at [email protected].

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