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How to become a subscriber
How much should I deposit to my exchange account?
How much should I deposit to my exchange account?

What amount do I need to start copying a strategy?

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The absolute minimum is 150 USDT on your exchange account. However, some strategies trade with a small percentage of their overall big balance (check the strategy balance). You also need to deposit a lot in order to have a 100% copy trading success rate when following them. It’s important because of the exchange rules. If the strategy places 50% of the deposit to one deal, it means that 50% of the subscriber deposit should go to the copy trading operation. 50% of $10 is only $5 which is below the minimum amount.

Each exchange has a minimum amount to make a deal.

A general rule here would be "the closer your balance to the strategy one is, the higher your copy trading success rate is".

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