How to deposit money to Coinmatics

This short guide will show you how to deposit money to Coinmatics

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Step 1 β€” Create a Deposit

Click on your Coinmatics balance at the top right corner of your screen:

Next, you need to create a deposit request. Click the button "Deposit Funds".

In the pop-up, you will be able to choose coins in which you would like to make a deposit β€” in BTC or USDT (TRC20).

If you choose the USDT coin, it's obligatory to specify the amount to send.

The transaction fee is calculated on the wallet from which you transferred your money to Coinmatics.

Click the button "Generate" to get a BTC/USDT address and a QR code. You'll get the deposit details in the next pop-up window.

Step 2 β€” Make the transaction

This deposit wallet address can be used once. Then you need to create a new request.

After clicking the "Generate" button you'll see a pop-up window with the QR code and a wallet address. You need to clarify yourself where to insert the wallet address or where to scan the QR code to deposit your Coinmatics balance. Instructions may vary for different wallets.

Use either of those to make a transaction:

You can see all the requested deposits by enabling the filter "Deposit" in the Transactions History.

Note that deposit operation might take longer than expected to complete due to network issues. Sometimes, the network works slowly.

Deposit in USDT (TRC20) might take up to 12 hours to be manually approved by Coinmatics team.

Important: choose BTC or TRC20 (Tron) network only, as we cannot accept transfers from other networks just yet.

Transfer money from the exchanges

If you're willing to transfer money from an exchange supported by Coinmatics, please read one of the guides:

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