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What is the difference between Free, Premium, and Premium Ref plans?

Premium and Premium Ref plans provide the same features as Free plan, as well as a few more:

  • Futures strategies: copy trading and Telegram signals

  • Priority copying

  • Auto alignment feature: by trader and by schedule

  • Coin black list feature

  • Online chat (unlimited number of days after registration on the platform)

  • No limit on exchange accounts total balance

How do I get Premium Ref?

Go to the Premium Ref activation page. Do the following:

  • choose an exchange

  • create a new account on the selected exchange using the Coinmatics referral code

  • enter your ID/UID on the page

  • start trading on the created exchange account

Done! We’ll switch you to the Premium Ref plan with a week’s time once all the requirements above are complete.

Note: To switch to and maintain Premium Ref plan, you need to have trading activity on your exchange account created with the referral code.

Also, you have an option to subscribe to a Futures strategy before we switch you to the Premium Ref plan. To do this, switch to Premium Trial plan. Within 5 business days, we will switch you to the Premium Ref plan.

How quickly will I get Premium Ref plan?

Your Premium Ref plan will be activated within a 5 business days. Do not forget to start copy trading on the created exchange account.

How do I understand that I have received Premium Ref plan?

If you comply with all requirements, you will see the change on the Coinmatics plans page.

Will the Premium Ref plan features be applied to all strategies, i.e. even to the strategies of other exchanges?

For example, if I have registered a referral exchange account on Binance, will the premium features be available to my Bybit or OKX subscriptions?

Yes, they will. The Premium Ref plan features are applicable for all exchanges and strategies.

Can I get Premium Ref plan with an existing exchange account that was not created using a referral code?

In this case, you will not be able to upgrade to the Premium Ref plan.

Please note: in order to get access to premium features, you can buy the Premium plan. Go to the Coinmatics plans page to purchase plan.

If I get my Premium Ref plan deactivated on one exchange account, will I lose it on the entire Coinmatics account?

No, as long as you have an activated Premium Ref plan on another exchange account.

I’m a trader. Do I need Premium or Premium Ref plan to create a strategy and trade on Coinmatics?

You don't need either of them for trading on Coinmatics.

I'm getting a message “Referral ID already exists"/"This account is already in use by another user”. But I’ve just registered an account with your referral code. What should I do?

This message means that you have submitted the same ID/UID more than once. It's necessary to send it only once.

Why was my Premium Ref plan deactivated?

One of the requirements for getting and keeping the Premium Ref plan is to use the exchange account (created via the referral code) for copy trading.

If the Premium Ref plan was deactivated, it means that there has been no trading activity on your exchange account for more than a month, or that you are using another exchange account for copy trading.

In order to return to the Premium Ref plan, you need to start trading on the referral exchange account and then send a request to our support team [email protected]. You can also purchase Premium plan in order to get priority copying and access to copying Futures strategies.

If you still have any questions, contact our support team at [email protected].

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