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Referral Program
Levels of the Referral Program
Levels of the Referral Program
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Referral Program Basics

Referral – a user registered on Coinmatics via your referral link.

Activated referral – a referral that switched to a Lite, Premium or Premium Ref plan.

Coinmatics coins (CMTS) – our internal currency. It is given for activated referrals and can be used to pay for subscriptions to copy trading and signals, as well as for Lite or Premium plan. On Level 2, CMTS can be withdrawn from the platform (in USD).

Levels of the Referral Program

There are 3 levels of the Referral Program.

Level 1


You are given 10 Coinmatics coins (CMTS) for each activated referral.

With CMTS, you can pay for

  • strategy subscriptions – both to copy trading and signals

  • Lite or Premium plan

Please note, that the money you've earned via the Referral Program will be used in payments first.

How to reach

This level is given by default to every user.

Level 2


At this level, you continue having the benefits of Level 1. The new feature here is that you become able to withdraw the earned Coinmatics coins from your account. 1 CMTS equals to 1 USD.

To withdraw these funds, go to the "Coinmatics Balance" page, and click on the "Withdraw" button. Please note, that the money you've earned via the Referral Program will be withdrawn first.

How to reach

Level 2 is assigned once you've attracted 10 activated referrals.

Level 3


On Level 3, you receive 25% of the Coinmatics’ revenue generated by your activated referrals.

How to reach

Level 3 is assigned once you've invited 50 activated referrals, and at least 10 of them became activated within the last 30 days.

You can learn more about our Referral program in this article and on the Referral page itself. If you have any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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