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Referral Program on Coinmatics
Referral Program on Coinmatics
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Coinmatics referral program enables you to get rewards for attracting new users to the platform. Simply share your referral link to your friends / colleagues/ followers so that they register using it, and get extra benefits on Coinmatics!

A Brief Overview of Referral Program

To understand how the program works, you need to learn several terms listed below.

A referral is a new user, who used your referral link to register. There are 2 types of referrals on the platform:

  • a registered referral (or simply, referral) is the user who created a Coinmatics account via your referral link

  • an activated referral is the registered referral who switched to a Lite, Premium or Premium Ref plan

There is also an internal currency on the platform, which is called Coinmatics coins (CMTS). You can use it to pay fees or even withdraw it from the platform.

The Benefits of Referral Program

In gratitude for your cooperation, we will give you special benefits. The type of benefits you'll get depends on your Referral program level.

  • First, you receive 10 Coinmatics coins (CMTS) for each activated referral. These coins can be used to pay for strategy subscriptions (Copy Trading, Telegram Signals), the strategy application fee and Premium or Lite plan.

  • On Level 2, you can not only pay fees, but also withdraw the CMTS coins from your account. 1 CMTS equals 1 USD.

  • On Level 3, you'll get even more – instead of getting coins, you receive 25% of Coinmatics' revenue derived from your activated referrals.

Simply speaking, the more activated users you bring – the more rewards you receive. Learn the details about the levels and their corresponding benefits in this article.

Guide on Referral Program

Participate in the referral program and invite people with these 2 simple steps:

Step #1 – Share Your Referral Link

Open the Referral tab on the menu by clicking on the personal icon in the upper right corner. You'll see the "Referral Links" table:

By default, you’ll have one referral link. Click on the link icon to copy it:

Now, you can share it with anyone you'd like!

You can also create as many referral links, as you want. To create a new one, just click on "Generate New Link":

You can also give names to your links by clicking on the "Edit" icon:

Step #2 – Wait for Referral Activation

Now you just need to wait until the users you've invited become activated, i.e. switch to a Lite, Premium or Premium Ref plan.

There are counters that display the numbers of your registered and activated referrals in the "Referral Links" table, as well as on the top of the page:

Once you have an activated referral, the corresponding reward will be assigned immediately.

Go ahead, invite more people to Coinmatics and get bonuses! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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