What is Coinmatics balance?
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Coinmatics balance is the money used to make and receive internal payments on the platform.

Subscribers use it to pay for:

You can check your Coinmatics balance on Balance page. There you can see 3 different amounts:

  • Total - the sum of the Balance and your Bonus funds.

  • Balance - the amount you've deposited to Coinmatics.

  • Bonus (Non-Withdrawable) - the amount you receive via our referral program. You receive 10 Coinmatics coins (CMTS) for each activated referral*. 1 CMTS equals 1 USD. Learn more here. Also please note that for internal payments, bonuses will be used first.

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Pay attention that Coinmatics is a crypto copy trading and analytical platform, not an exchange with a trading terminal. It means that there is no need to send funds for copy trading to the Coinmatics balance but for the subscription fees only. Please keep your assets on your exchange account.

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