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Can I subscribe to several strategies at the same time?
Can I subscribe to several strategies at the same time?
Updated over a week ago

We do not recommend subscribing to more than one strategy with one exchange account, as this can lead to failed orders. There are a few simple solutions if you want to subscribe to more than one strategy:

  1. Subaccounts. You can use subaccounts to subscribe to multiple strategies. One subaccount per strategy. Applied to all supported exchanges: OKX, Binance, Bybit.

  2. Different types of strategies. If you subscribe to 1 Spot and 1 Futures strategy, you can use one exchange account. Different wallets are required for each strategy type β€” the Spot wallet is used for the Spot strategy, the Futures wallet β€” for the Futures strategy. Applied to Binance and Bybit exchanges.

  3. Another Exchange Account. Some exchanges do not allow you to create more than one account, so please check this information before creating another account.

Note that you can connect multiple personal exchange accounts to your Coinmatics account.

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