Manual Arbitrage
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As each exchange has its own rate, which depends on various objective parameters - the trading volume, the trades themselves, etc. - there is an opportunity to earn on the difference in the buy/sell price of the trading crypto assets. In other words, you can buy a cryptocurrency with a lower rate on one exchange and sell the same volume asset with a higher rate on another exchange. The difference in price can be up to 10%.

You can use Coinmatics manual arbitrage to track the rates.

Manual arbitrage is a service that provides information about currency rates on different exchanges. You compare the rates and earn money on the difference between them. Coinmatics arbitrage panel collects those numbers on one page so you have all the necessary info right in front of you. It will help you to understand what to do next.

Note that any other commissions (like transferring funds from one exchange to another) are not being taken into account so you have to calculate them yourself.

As an example, let’s look at the trading pair NCT — USDT in the list. The Ask price (the lowest price at which the NCT coin can be bought) is 0.00904 on the Poloniex exchange, while the Bid price (the highest price at which the NCT coin can be sold) — 0.009831 on the Huobi exchange.

The spread is the difference between the buy and sell prices of the trading pair on the exchanges. It is 8.7500% in this particular example, it is 8.7500% that you can earn by trading. Fees are set by the exchanges where you choose to trade.

The ask/bid volume indicates the possible available amount of asset to sell/buy.

This way, Coinmatics helps you to react to exchange fluctuations in a time and stay profitable.

Please note that manual arbitrage is available only on Premium and Premium Ref plans.

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