How do I start?
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If you’re an experienced trader and would like to earn additional money on your successful deals, connect your exchange account to our platform and click the link “Submit your strategy” in the Copy Trading section (Strategies List). Set your Telegram signals price and commission for copy trading and just trade. Our platform will receive information about your deals via an API key and calculate your rating. All users can see this rating, and if they like your trading performance, they’ll subscribe. That’s how you start earning with Coinmatics.

Learn more about it in the guide for traders.

If you would like to copy successful strategies from experienced traders, link your exchange account to our platform via API and go to our strategies page. Select the strategy that best suits your goals and click the button “Subscribe”. From that moment, you only need to watch your Coinmatics balance and analyze the strategy performance to see if you like the results it brings. Learn more about it in the guide for subscribers.

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