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Why can't I add my API key/ exchange account?
Why can't I add my API key/ exchange account?
Updated over a week ago

Usually when you try to add an API key, you'll get an error message explaining why the API isn't connected. In this article we have collected the most common reasons.

Account is already connected to another Coinmatics account

If you have already connected your exchange account to a Coinmatics account, even if you delete all API keys, the connection won't be deleted. Now you can use that account and its API key on the first Coinmatics account.

Exceptions are rarely made.

Invalid API or secret key

Please check carefully that you have copied the correct API or secret key as the connection will not be made.

Withdrawal permission on Binance API Key

For security reasons, we do not allow you to enable withdrawal permissions on your Binance API key or other integrated exchanges. If you do enable, you won't be able to add this API key.

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