IP Protection
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To protect your funds and account Coinmatics strongly recommends you to use IP protection.

IP protection makes a dedicated connection between Coinmatics and your API Key. So, if your API expediently falls into scammers hands, they can do nothing with it. API key can be used in Coinmatics only.

To protect your API key please do the following:

  • Go to your Profile, the "API Management" section;

  • Choose the API key you need;

  • Click the checkbox "Restrict access to trusted IPs only";

  • Insert all the IP addresses from the list (;

  • click the "Confirm" button;

  • The changes are saved after you enter the code from the two-factor authentication app.


During the API creation on Bybit it's required to specify "Coinmatics copy trading" as the third party application.

This process is equal to IP protection as it connects Coinmatics with Bybit and allows use the created API key in Coinmatics only.

If for some reason you don't want to choose Coinmatics as a third-party application, you can manually add IP addresses to the API key settings. The IP addresses are the same as for the Binance exchange (see above).

Copy trading on Coinmatics only works with the Unified Accounts. Please upgrade your account if you haven't done so already.


There is no technical possibility to use an IP restriction when working with OKX API keys on Coinmatics. Don't insert IP addresses to the API key settings.

Coinmatics are currently working on the IP protection on this exchange.

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