Orders are usually copied within less than 2 seconds, regardless of strategy type.

Speed of copying depends on several factors; the most sufficient of them are:

  • Number of the strategy subscribers

  • Your Coinmatics plan (Free, Premium, Lite, Premium Ref)

Number of Subscribers

Orders are copied in the order in which subscribers have subscribed to the strategy. The more subscribers a strategy has, the longer the copying delay may be.

You can see the number of strategy subscribers on the Strategy page, under the Strategy Option section:

Coinmatics Plans

Your plan impacts the speed of copying. If you are on one of the Premium plans (Premium or Premium Ref), you will have the prioritized copying and will be among the first subscribers to copy. Then, goes others on the Free and Lite plans.

The difference between Premium or Premium Ref is only in its cost: Premium Ref plan is free. We grant Premium Ref to those who registered an account using our referral link on one of our supported exchanges. There is no difference in copying speed between the Premium plans.

Find more information about the plan's pricing here: https://coinmatics.com/app/billing/plans.

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