What is Coin Black List?
Updated over a week ago

Coin Black List feature enables you to avoid trading on associated pairs. This can be useful in case when you don’t want to copy trades with the coin you don’t trust. We recommend using it for experienced subscribers only, since this feature allows one to skip certain trades.

You can find the feature on a pop up while creating a new subscription. For a current subscription, you’ll find the Coin Black List feature on the Subscription page (on the left menu select Copy Trading -> My Subscriptions -> select a subscription).


  • You can not blacklist the strategy base coin, which is either USDT or BTC.

  • Enabling both Auto Alignment and Coin Black List features can have a negative impact on your copy trading. After alignment, the coins from your blacklist will be sold. The amount received from the sale will be evenly divided among the coins in your portfolio.

  • Coin Black List is available for all trading types.

  • Each subscription has its own coin black list.

Coin Black List is a Premium plan feature. Learn more about plans on Coinmatics.

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