Security on Coinmatics
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We take security very seriously. Here is what we do that makes Coinmatics secure:

  • Your funds are under your control only. We NEVER ask for access to your exchange account funds withdrawal. Moreover, if you accidentally have this option enabled – we simply will not link your exchange account to Coinmatics. Therefore, there is no way we (or a trader) could have access to your exchange account funds withdrawal.

  • Trader activity moderation. Before adding a strategy on Coinmatics, a trader might pass an identity verification procedure. After submission, a new strategy undergoes a strategy moderation flow before it becomes available for subscription. And after that, our team oversees trader activity to ensure an additional level of user protection.

  • Your API key data is protected. API keys are encrypted with an algorithm included in the ISO/IEC 18033-3:2010 standard. It’s impossible to get access to a pair of keys (public and secret) from our website. You can delete your API key at any time, and it will be securely removed from our service.

  • Your account is secured. A dedicated moderation team and programming utilities constantly monitor user activity in terms of security. We’ll take necessary and timely actions in case of detecting suspicious/fraudulent activity and severe violation of rules and conditions. You can additionally secure your account by setting up a 2-factor authentication.

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